New and Notable

Cancer Cell Invasion and the Role of the Microenvironment

In this new review, we discuss the migration of cancer cells away from primary tumors, the first step in metastasis. We draw particular attention to varying interpretations using different experimental systems.

Biophysics of Bleb-based Migration

In a new report, Bergert et al show that cells migrating by blebbing exert forces on the pN scale, several orders of magnitude lower than conventional adhesion-based migration.

Cell Stress Management!

Check out our review on the effects of physical stress and tension at the surface of animal cells in Current Biology.

Calendar 2016-2017

  • Sept 7-10

    Actin in Action

    Heidelberg, GERMANY - A EMBO/EMBL Symposium covering everything you need to know about the latest in Actin research, featuring many big names from the field.

  • Oct 27-29

    MPI-CBG 15th Anniversary Symposium

    Dresden, GERMANY - A symposium bringing together current CBG researchers and CBG alumni from around the world to present their current work.

  • Dec 3-7

    ASCB 2016

    San Francisco, CA, USA - Annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology
    The year's biggest cell biology event!

  • July/Aug 30-4

    Motile and Contractile Systems

    New London, NH, USA - A Gordon Conference focusing on motile and contractile systems in biology.

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