I am a junior research group leader at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. I am interested in understanding how the mechanical properties of cells and tissues influence biological processes, especially in the mammalian intestine. This is my personal website where I mostly post about my research, scientific writing and science in general. For more information and the latest on what we are doing in the lab, please visit my lab website.

New and notable

In this new paper, we use a combination of experiments and theory to show that viscoelastic relaxation in collagen networks can provide a self-generated directional cue during collective migration.

In this new paper from Perez-Gonzalez et al, we use a novel 2D intestinal organoid monolayer approach to study the mechanics of the intestinal epithelium.

In this paper from Staneva et al, we analyze collective migration patterns of cancer cells in the core of intestinal tumors, using live-imaging of tumor explants combined with quantitative image analysis.

Recent Blog Posts


New FIJI Plugin (Largest Rectangle Algorithm Continued)

2020-08-29 image analysis

I recently wrote a jython script that can be used as an ImageJ/FIJI plugin. The plugin will automatically crop black edges away from images using the largest rectangle algorithm.


Deploying a Python Flask app with Apache at Digital Ocean

2020-07-16 website

An overview of how I deployed this Flask-powered website on a virtual server at Digital Ocean using Apache.


Multiple bibliographies in LaTeX (updated)

2020-06-24 latex etc

How to use generate bibliographies in LaTeX to account for references used only in the supplementary information.


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