I am a cell biologist currently working in Paris, France. I am interested in understanding how the mechanical properties of cells and tissues influence biological processes. I split my time between experimental biology and developing software for image/data analysis.

New and notable

In this new paper, we use a combination of experiments and theory to show that viscoelastic relaxation in collagen networks can provide a self-generated directional cue during collective migration.

In this paper from Staneva et al, we analyze collective migration patterns of cancer cells in the core of intestinal tumors, using live-imaging of tumor explants combined with quantitative image analysis.

In this paper from Attieh et al, we investigate how cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) promote invasive migration away from cancer cell aggregates by depositing fibronectin in a contractility-dependent manner.

Recent Blog Posts


New FIJI Plugin (Largest Rectangle Algorithm Continued)

2020-08-29 image analysis

I recently wrote a jython script that can be used as an ImageJ/FIJI plugin. The plugin will automatically crop black edges away from images using the largest rectangle algorithm.


Deploying a Python Flask app with Apache at Digital Ocean

2020-07-16 website

An overview of how I deployed this Flask-powered website on a virtual server at Digital Ocean using Apache.


Multiple bibliographies in LaTeX

2020-06-24 latex etc

How to use generate bibliographies in LaTeX to account for references used only in the supplementary information.


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