2020-05-05 books

A while ago, I tried to compile a list of every book I've ever read. This was partially inspired by my Grandfather's habit of cataloging all of the books he owned (which was a lot). It took me a few months to compile it, adding books here and there when one popped into my head. I stuck to books that I have read for pleasure, outside of required reading for school.

I have to say, in the end, it was a really fun little exercise. I find that I often associate books with the places where I read them, so it was nice to remember those associations when I thought of a new book to add to the list.

I had been keeping track of the books on a private Google Sheet, but I thought it would be a fun project to incorporate the list into my website. I will try to update it regularly to keep track of which book I'm curently reading.

There are a few books that I've read more than once, so don't be surprised to find the same book listed two or three times.

Without further ado, here it is: the booklist!